Performance-based Payday Loans for Filipinos​

Provide fair, impactful salary loans to performing employees quick, without the headache and the risk.

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What is

An employee benefit program focused on microfinance solutions such as microloans, microinsurance, and microsavings.

Risk-free, Headache-free

Remove the unnecessary headache of worrying about lending out money to your employees with the risk of them not paying on time and in full. With, we help you mediate this through automation, transparency and fairness. Employees will have access to all loans, complete with detailed, broken down, easy to understand computations. With, you can maximize your HR team to doing what is needed instead of handling inquiries and complaints.

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Quick and Easy Application

Your employees can enjoy quick access to credit without the need for tedious paperwork and intermediaries. With just a few clicks, you can get access to funds needed for in times of emergency. Access loans through your desktop, mobile or any device, anytime, anywhere as long as you have internet connection.

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Reward Performing Employees

Create an atmosphere of excellent company culture and work ethic through our performance-based interest benefits program. High-impact performers inyour company get an additional boost through lowered interest rates. You want to promote and maintain employees to work better for you by providingthem risk-free benefits such as’s performance credit program.

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